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Athletic Hall of Fame

In order to recognize outstanding individuals and team achievements formally, as well as to preserve the heritage and tradition of the Webb City R-7 School Districts (the District) program, the Webb City R-7 School District Athletics Hall of Fame was established to pay tribute, to give deserved recognition and to enhance the Districts tradition by honoring former athletes and/or coaches; thereby, evidencing distinctive, unique or exceptional ability while attending the Webb City R-7 school district or coaching at the District. Furthermore, a Meritorious Award category was also established as a part of the Hall of Fame.  With over 100 years of athletic competition, the school has been represented by many outstanding athletes, coaches and teams. 


Formal nomination shall be made by completing the official nomination form and delivered to the Webb City R-7 School District, 411. Madison, Webb City, MO 64870. All nomination forms should be accompanied, whenever possible, by documents supporting the nomination such as team summaries, newspaper clippings, supporting letters, etc. This information will be used to help validate the historical facts being presented. Although a photograph of the nominee from the era of his/her contribution is desirable, a current photograph may be acceptable.


A nomination form can be found HERE and are due April 30 for the upcoming selection year.


Class of 2016

Charles Cummings ' 25 Robert "Bob" Teel ' 41 Cloyd Boyer '45
Kenton "Kenny" Boyer '49 Jim Hunter '53 Cletis "Clete" Boyer '49
Alan Spencer '69 Tom Maxwell '74 Lisa Allison '83
John Roderique '86 Mark Smith '92 Grant Wistrom '94
Tracey Wistrom '97 Dan Stanley '98 Josh Chapman '98
Andrew Shull '99 Adam Spieker '03 Brayden Drake '05
  1989 State Championship Football Team  
  1992 State Championship Football Team  
  1993 State Championship Football Team  


 Class of 2017

Lloyd Wood '38 Ed Nealy '53 Gale Mahurin '68
John Wynne '76 Mark Baker '88 John Bogatko '91
  Tom Gosch  
  1981-82 Girls Basketball Team  
  1996-97 Boys State Championship Basketball Team  
  1997 State Championship Football Team  


 Class of 2018

Dean Wilson '57 Robert Fisher '87 Chuck Pittman '88
Gary Webster '90 Stacy Randolph '92 Stephen Crane '94
Sarah (Pyle) Knisley '95 Hailey (Stanley) Burpo '98 Richard Correll